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About Us

Intigriti Technocrats is where we integrate the aspects of technology that were impossible earlier.
We dream to automate future education and creativity.
Intigriti-Technocrats are working on several projects based on NLP and Robotics Automation and ERP.
We are planning to generate 4th dimentional webpages.
We are working on solving the modern day to day life problems.
Our motto is “Service of Boundless Technology”.
The itineraries followed by us impersonates the aftermaths produced by several leaders of the world.
It takes a lot of efforts to turn autumn to spring but it is actually just one step ahead.
We are working for the project for more than 4 years.
We planned the chronologies accordingly as per the demands of the societal alerations.
We provide endless opportunities who are aspiring for the change in the society.
Very soon we will be expanding our work culture all around the nation.

Our Services

We love the Web and the work we do.We work closely with our clients to deliver the best possible solutions for their needs.

Empowering The State Of Vision

A country is developed through the vision of its citizens.Everything nice takes numerous days to suceed.Our project envisions the growth and implementation of products backended with machine learning and deep learning optimization along with artificial intelligence optimization.Gone those days which witnessed the programming of logics and data expected answers from computers.in the newer generatipon of computational revolution,data and answers aftermaths the creation of logics.

Our Motto

We love to see mankind smiling, by helping them to reach their goals.


We believe in giving, that our ancient philosophy, "To give is to live". As software companies emerging at the pace of fungus, they come up with to make heavy profit, keeping aside costumer needs, sometimes, customers feeled like cheated. That give us ignition to up and run our company. We understand customers as a human like us and determined to serve them. Their smile is our profit.

Our Goal

We try to simulate your needs to ours and design solutions accordingly. After satisfaction from your end we goes to regressive testing of applications so that it stands like a wall in your weak times.


While Building our company, we think of you, reaching your dreams closer. We know your expectations and emotions, that you hold for each hard work, We try our best to stand by your expectations, even you don't imagined by yourself.

We en-corporate best practices in industry to streamline your business, so that you can reach to higher level of efficiency with our products.

And our products/Services, like your best mates, we tested it regressly, readily to stand by your side.

Read more about what we do and our philosophy of design. Judge for yourself The work and results we’ve achieved for other clients, and meet our highly experienced Team who just love to design.

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Our Team

Our Team Of Experts

Hitesh Sharma


Rishikesh Kumar

Founder & MD

Sashwat Saket


Rounik Prashar

HR Manager

Sumit Sharma

Chief Technical Officer

Mayank Raj

General Manager

Avinash Soni

IT Analyst

Shubham Kumar

Design Head